FOTENIX Enabled Farms

Producers can identify disease symptoms and nutrient deficiency earlier in the season, allowing application of the correct fungicide and fertiliser to be made sooner, significantly improving harvest quality and shelf-life.

FOTENIX Enabled Research

Researchers can monitor sample characteristics using an active 3D system, providing backscattered reflectance and morphological information across the VIS-NIR region.


Fotenix Charles Veys

Charles Veys

Managing Director

An entrepreneur dedicated to disrupting the agri-tech sector. As the inventor of the core technology platform, he works closely with product development and deployment.

Fotenix William Averdieck

William Averdieck

Project Manager

An instrumentation expert, he provides momentum and tactful operations to ensure market traction and focused technical development.

David May

Industry Liaison

An agri-food specialist, he brings extensive industry links with knowledge of many factors that directly impact on yield quality.

Martino Picardo


An experienced director, he provides invaluable commercial insight and ensures the management team remains market focused and instills governance.

Fotenix Bruce Grieve

Bruce Grieve


An agri-sensors professor with industrial experience in Syngenta and ICI. He continues research in conjunction with the Gates Foundation into developing application of the technology platform.


Fotenix Applications Breeding


Quantified and extended differentiation enable improved variety selection, reducing total cycles time and reducing operational costs. Improved crop varieties will remain a core foundation to regenerative production.

Fotenix Applications

Crop Scouting

Automated detection of fruit status and disease provide data enabled decisions at the point of production. Quantified ripeness stage improve crop forecasting, reducing over-production, while disease and pest alerts provide informed application timing.

Fotenix Applications

Protected Farming

Structured environments for production enable the next generation of automation. With online plant information, systems can adjust irrigation, nutrient and light levels optimising yield quality.


Technical Developer

We are currently seeking a machine vision engineer to catalyse the product development into new applications. We are looking for talented and driven candidates and are happy to discuss full/part-time depending on location requirements. Candidates will be expected to travel to client sites. Experience with C++ required.

Commercial Advisor

We are looking for an experienced entrepreneur to help guide and scale the commercial development. Ideal candidates will have agri-food sector experience, focusing on implementation of technology. Initially a part-time position however moving towards full-time over the next 18 months.


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