The metaverse of agriculture

Use digital farming to catalyse profits by preventing food waste, improving production uniformity and unlocking data-driven resource efficiency

  • Controlled Environment Agriculture

    Recipe Control

  • Plant Breeding


Providing sustainable food with decision intelligence at the point of production

By recording how plants reflect light, FOTENIX constructs a digital farm to unlock an asset management approach to production. This digital twin approach empowers farms to extract the most out of their equipment, labour and inputs, permitting crucial intervention weeks earlier.

Graphical user interface for crop analysis

Recipe Control

Maintain high quality
produce 24/7

Keep close control of your production process through integrated monitoring, informing labour actions, ensuring yield consistency and unlocking sustainable inputs.

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Recipe control for crops
Crop vigour bar chart


Identify the optimum seed
traits x5 times quicker

Conduct more reliable phenotyping trials than ever with the FOTENIX diagnostic workflow

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Disease severity chart


The most versatile digital
plant analysis platform

FOTENIX offers several sensor configurations, powered by our AI-based plant screening software

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User interface for crop analysis
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