The most versatile digital
plant analysis platform

FOTENIX offers several sensor configurations, powered by our AI-based plant screening software

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User interface for crop analysis
How it works

Sensors and software in perfect balance

Combining cameras, deploying colours of light, with machine learning to monitor crop health and ensure data-driven decisions that inform the next-generation of agricultural practices.

Light technology


Different colours of light enable vision beyond what is possible with the human eye.

Camera technology


High-res image sensors detect plant traits and deviations in 3D at a microscopic level.

Crop analysis technology


Plant traits and deviations are investigated across a vast data library of crops/conditions.

Built on a decade of research

Detecting cues from dynamic plant responses significantly improves identification of the traits under study. FOTENIX can monitor plant characteristics using the active 3D system, providing backscattered reflectance and morphological information across the UV-VIS-NIR [365 – 1050 nm] region.

The DELTA platform was designed specifically for the breeding sector, as the first 3D multispectral imaging system tailored for plant tissue. The result is a refined package, with presymptomatic capabilities. Please contact [email protected] for order inquires.

Global IP Protection

Our approach is protected across the globe to ensure we can continue to enable laboratory level analysis at an economic cost across our customer base.

World map


A collection of academic publications and case studies in conjuction with our world leading collaborators:

  • Crops in a grow bag

    Crop Yield Monitoring

    Crop yield monitoring utilising the FOTENIX DELTA crop information platform with Tomato and Ripeness with Powery Mildew.

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  • Blackgrass scan

    Invasive Weed Detection

    Utilising the FOTENIX DELTA crop information platform to inform the FOTENIX LIMA crop scout in-field with Wheat and Blackgrass.

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  • Polytunnel automated crop monitoring

    Automated Crop Monitoring

    Using the FOTENIX DELTA crop information platform to inform the FOTENIX LIMA crop scout in polytunnels with strawberries.

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