Recipe Control

Maintain high quality
produce 24/7

Keep close control of your production process through integrated monitoring, informing labour actions, ensuring yield consistency and unlocking sustainable inputs.

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Recipe control for crops
Crop vigour bar chart
Vertical farming setup
Easy to get started

Integrate smart capabilities to your controlled environment setup

Optimise resource efficiency through online monitoring of crop quality, including water and nutrient stress and pest/disease alerts. Remotely monitor the entire farm through a network of cameras, integrated seamlessly within your production infrastructure.

Detailed reports on demand

Get timely reports with rich and actionable data

The Fotenix scanning process generates a real-time digital twin of your farm, providing remote access to you and your chosen suppliers, ensuring you can meet retail demands and specifications.

Field proven tools

Establish data-driven farming with 3D spectral tools

FOTENIX cameras act as a conduit between the crop and the environmental controls. It provides diagnostic ability across the sector and enhances relationships between producers and their suppliers.

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