Identify the optimum seed
traits x5 times quicker

Conduct more reliable phenotyping trials than ever with the FOTENIX diagnostic workflow

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Disease severity chart
Fotenix Delta
Unrivalled diagnostic performance

Efficient digital twins that minimise manual work

FOTENIX DELTA helps you discover crop traits, such as disease resistance, earlier and select the most promising lines faster. It augments manual screening techniques and permits comparisons across previous trials by creating a full digital library of the crop across set points in the trial.

Catalogue your sample forever

Get actionable data with high fidelity sample scans

The digital twin created includes a full 3D reconstruction which improves the accuracy of other measurements including shape and composition. The high-resolution of the DELTA platform allow for features down to 100┬Ám to be recorded.

Plant sample
Plant sample scan
Fotenix Delta 3D scan result
More than meets the eye

Capture and evaluate plant stresses earlier and monitor more reliably than ever before

Comprehensive trial twins permit parallel investigation of multiple parameters covering pigment (anthocyanin, chlorophyll, carotenoids) and stress (drought, disease, pest) with indications long before the symptoms become visible to the human eye.

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